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Updated: May 30, 2020

We met the lovely Hayden Kays out and about in Margate and he's been a huge supported of The George & Heart since we opened (and closed) our doors.

Generously adoring our walls with art, our ears with good chat and our hearts with photos of his cute kitten! As well as being a super guy he's an amazing artist... lets find out a little more about our neighbour and Hayden Kays and pop his playlist on!

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1. In a few words tell us about yourself and what brought you to Margate.

My name is Hayden Kays and I’m an artist. I’m 34 years old. I moved to Margate because 30 years of London really took its toll. 

2. Describe your perfect night out?

I’ve not had it yet. I’m constantly trying to find it.

3. If you could choose any Cocktail to accompany your playlist, what would it be and why?

Prawn, because it’s so glamorous.

4. What are the reasons behind your choice of songs for the playlist and (if applicable) how do they relate to you? 

There’s a handful of friends, mixed with a handful of icons. I love them all.

5. Who’s your musical icon? 

John Lennon.

6. If you could be described as any Margate landmark what would it be!?

Dog Shit bin, because I’m full of shit.

7. Most memorable moment and why?

I wish I could remember being born. Imagine. I mean fucking hell! That would be incredible.

8. Tell us your First OR your worst album?

I don’t remember my first album, but my first gig was Oasis at Knebworth. I was only 11. My friends dad took us and decided 15 pints deep it was the perfect moment to tell his son he was divorcing his mother. A wild day all round.

9. What have you been doing to get yourself through lockdown!? Any hints and tips?

My life hasn’t changed dramatically during lockdown. Being an artist is a little like being in isolation in times of global health. I’ve watched vast amounts of documentaries.

10. And finally, If you could be on lockdown with any 3 people who would they be? (other than who you live with now so as not to offend anyone!)

Pablo Escobar, Howard Marks and Florence Nightingale.

Playlist link -

Thank you Hayden..We Love You!

Tune in next week for The Veery Very Best AKA Johan the vikings playlist session


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