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Updated: May 10, 2020


1. In a few words tell us about yourself and what brought you to Margate.

The PWR Hub is situated in The Centre, off Margate High Street. This creative hub is all about taking up space and being super visible. At the core of what we do we aim to emPWR those from the fringes, with a focus on working with people who identify as girls, women or non-binary.

We both discovered Margate at different times but we both experienced the strong impulse to want to mix things up and escape London. Margate has this incredible way of giving people the agency to get stuff done and connect with other humans and I guess that’s why we both have survived the tough winters for so long 😊

2. Describe your perfect night out?

Friends, Food, Music and Lols – (George & Heart obvs)

3. If you could choose any Cocktail to accompany your playlist, what would it be and why?

Would have to be Siobhan’s Non-Alcoholic drink SHOP FLOOR WHORE at the George & Heart designed for her 10 yr. anniversary being sober. 

4. What are the reasons behind your choice of songs for the playlist and (if applicable) how do they relate to you? 

We think this playlist sums up PWR nicely. It’s an amazing line up of strong PWR Houses with absolute bangers. Even in music there can be some snobbery, but PWR is always about taking up space unapologetically. So of course, we’ve included those tracks we all secretly love but never share.

5. Who’s your musical icon? 

V - Grace Jones – no explanation really needed.

S – Robyn. She doesn’t fit into a conventional idea of pop star. And I love her for that, plus she makes bangers.

6. If you could be described as any Margate landmark what would it be!?

Aldi – A space for everyone and they’re always mixing it up, which means you can always find a new hidden gem/bargain.

7. Most memorable moment and why?

Would have to be when we launched the PWR Hub. It was poignant moment for us both, which had blossomed out of us collaborating over on projects over the years and discovering that we both felt the need to take up space as women from the fringes.

8. Tell us your First OR your worst album?

V – Bodyguard Soundtrack on a tape bought by the dodgy guy who sold them opposite Ridley Road Market.

S – The Score, Fugees. Not sure it was my first, but it was deffo my fave till it got chewed up in my tape player.

9. What have you been doing to get yourself through lockdown!? Any hints and tips?

V – For me and my fam it was really going with what felt best for us. It’s got noisy on social media and 100% there’s some amazing hints and tips, but it can feel like there is a ‘right’ way of doing lockdown and I’m not really into it. A bit like real life you need to find your tribe and what works for you and don’t feel bad if that isn’t doing zoom or making banana bread.

S - I had a proper meltdown the first week, so I had to come off whatsapp and limit the amount of social media and news I took in. Now I’ve eased into isolation a bit I’m spending most of my time talking to family and friends on facetime. Even taught me mum to hold the iPad properly so I can see her face! Aside from that, I’m eating and having baths.

10. And finally, If you could be on lockdown with any 3 people who would they be? (other than who you live with now so as not to offend anyone!)

V - Maya Angelou, Neneh Cherry & Michaela Coel - food, music, epic chats and all of the lols covered with these 3 PWR houses.

S - Firstly wanna say rude you didn’t pick me Vic! Lol 

Right now, it would be anyone who would come near me. I live alone so I’m craving some human interaction IRL.


Tune in next week to get to know another Margate resident Paul Camo


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