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Madam Popoff first established herself in Margate's Old Town on King Street over 10 years ago and has since cemented herself as a Margate icon with one of the cutest security dogs we've ever seen - Kobe the pug.

A treasure trove of vintage finery in her vintage store 'Madam PopOff' is a must see for anyone coming to our seaside shores. You can get lost in make believe fancy fun and bag yourself a bargain with some rare finds of Studio 54 style dresses, statement sunglasses and party frocks. It puts Margate as a shopping destination on the map!

She's stylish, she's intriguing and we can't wait to get to know our Neighbour a little bit better as we pop on her playlist and lull the day away.


1. In a few words tell us about yourself and what brought you to Margate.

I'm Deborah and I own Madam Popoff Vintage which is in Margate Old Town. 

My dad moved to Margate in 1982, so Margate has always been my second home even though Im originally from South East London . I lived in Margate in 1992 through to 1995 (after getting sacked from my job in Harrods for swearing) but moved back to London for a few years, had my (now grown up son) in 1998 then moved back to Thanet 11 years ago. 

2. Describe your perfect night out?

Lots of dancing,  friends and laughs. And fancy dress! 

3. If you could choose any Cocktail to accompany your playlist, what would it be and why?

Hmm. Would have to be gin and juice...

4. What are the reasons behind your choice of songs for the playlist and (if applicable) how do they relate to you? 

Honestly? Just because I love them! 

5. Who’s your musical icon? 


6. If you could be described as any Margate landmark what would it be!?

The scenic railway 😂 

7. Most memorable moment and why?

In life? Pushing my son out! 

8. Tell us your First OR your worst album?

Think my first album was one of those 70s Top of the Pops ones with a saucy bird on the front and has people covering the latest "hits" like "blame it on the boogie" but sang in a slightly different key. Was on a cassette and bought from Woolworths. 

9. What have you been doing to get yourself through lockdown!? Any hints and tips?

I've been selling online and just trying to think positive ...even though I'm going stir crazy! 

10. And finally, If you could be on lockdown with any 3 people who would they be? (other than who you live with now so as not to offend anyone!)

Boyfriend, Rick James and Lemmy


In next weeks "Getting to know your Neighbours" session we'll be getting to know Margates very own Viking Johan a little bit better. Stay tuned @georgeandheart

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