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PLAYLIST SESSION 010 - Getting to know your Neighbours - Curated by the lovelies at 'Barletta'

Meet Natalia and Jackson. The duo behind the restaurant Barletta serving up the infamous plate of carrots! Another amazing place to eat in the ever expanding foodie scene here in Margate. We've met Natalia and Jackson quite a few times but don't actually know that them that well so we're glad to have been given the chance to delve deeper into their lives and hear what they're about to get upto this summer.

Thanks neighbours... we look forward to catching you on the roof top of Ziggys this summer and joining you for some sunset food, drinks and laughs!

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1. In a few words tell us about yourself and what brought you to Margate.

I’m Natalia, and I’m Jackson - we’re from New Jersey & Liverpool, respectively. After several years working in the London hospitality scene, we went travelling and on returning to the UK were presented with an opportunity to open a restaurant residency in Dreamland. With Jackson’s previous connections to Margate via his restaurant Xiringuito, he convinced Natalia to move in April 2019 and we’ve been loving it here ever since :)

2. your perfect night out?

Well this is where we can slightly differ…but ideally - a sunset aperitivo session anywhere in the world is a great start. Followed by a nice dinner in relaxing surroundings with friends & family - lots of wine! Then a night cap which inevitably ends up being the start to dancing - Jackson at an electro club and Natalia anywhere blasting 90’s pop & r&b. 

3. If you could choose any Cocktail to accompany your playlist, what would it be and why?

It’s got to be a Jalapeño margarita. Spicy, refreshing and laced with lots of booze to get you MOVING (at even the cheesiest numbers)

4. What are the reasons behind your choice of songs for the playlist and (if applicable) how do they relate to you? 

This is a true marriage of musical tastes as best as we could muster. It’s packed with our favourite floor fillers, dinner party bangers and just a few tunes that hold happy memories

5. Who’s your musical icon? 

Jackson: New Order

Natalia: Frank Sinatra

6. If you could be described as any Margate landmark what would it be!?

Jackson: The Sun Deck - fun, chill, food, booze, tunes. 

Natalia: Walpole Bay Tidal pool - moody, magical, highs and lows, always ready to dive into the deep end.

7. Most memorable moment and why?

Obviously meeting each other haha - soppy but true. The exact moment wasn’t too memorable for either of us, but what’s followed certainly has been. 

8. Tell us your First OR your worst album?

Jackson:FIRST  Oasis - Definitely Maybe (on cassette)

Natalia: FIRST Toni Braxton (ON CASSETTE) 1993

9. What will be the first thing you do when Lockdown has fully ended?

Jackson & Natalia: Pub crawl! 

10. And finally, now it’s possible to mix with 6 others in an open space, pick 6 icons to spend the ultimate sunshine bbq with….

Larry David, Craig Charles, Britney Spears, Liam Gallagher, Anthony Bourdain, Carmela Soprano


Thank you for answering our questions Barletta and thank you for the music! We are popping on this playlist now and whipping up and Jalapeño Margarita!

Next month we'll be asking our Heart House room designers to create a soundtrack playlist to suit the mood of their room here at The George & Heart

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