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The Tom Thumb Theatre has to be one of the cutest little places in the whole world let alone just Margate. I remember one weekend on a jolly from London it was on the rounds of places to go. After stepping foot inside their top floor bar I wanted to move to Margate immediately just so I could spend the nights here chatting to locals and sipping away on Amarreto Sours.

Next time we stepped foot in the TTT it was a friend, Alex Noble's infamous ICONS party - This time we got a peek of the downstairs space, a intimate theatre and a cheeky little party space that reminded me of those naughty little raves in London that are a thing of the past... The people, the place, the atmosphere...we'd stumbled upon something special here and fell in love with Margate just that little bit more.

That was the same day we met owners Sara and Alex. I remember Alex was dressed as Mick Jagger and we spent a lot of the night chatting away, he didn't break character once! When we next saw him out of fancy dress we had absolutely no idea who he was!

We have since spent many a night there, chatting away with Sara and Alex, watching live shows, popping in for drinks and even been part of a music video filmed there late last year.

They've taken on this special place in Margate and its a MUST see for anyone visiting these shores... Sara and Alex are absolute dream boats and so is this playlist they've curated for The George & Heart. Lets get to know them a little better...

They've taken on this special place in Margate and made it even more special bringing the whole community together. Sara and Alex are absolute dream boats and so is this playlist they've curated for The George & Heart.

Lets get to know them a little better...

1. In a few words tell us about yourself and what brought you to Margate.

Sara, a fashion designer originally from Sweden, Alex a London born actor, ran a Swedish coffee shop called Cooper & Wolf in Clapton but fancied a change and moved our family to the seaside in 2016. Margate appealed because of it’s artistic and fun loving vibe and of course the beach.

2. Describe your perfect night out?

Both being food lovers, we love inviting friends over for a big ‘cook off’ we cook and 

drink for hours then everyone is to drunk to eat. We also love having dinner in one 

of Margate’s brilliant restaurants followed by an impromptu party back at ours or one of our friends’ house.

3. If you could choose any Cocktail to accompany your playlist, what would it be and why?

Whiskey Sour, the perfect balance of sour and sweet. Not too bitter, not too sickly

4. What are the reasons behind your choice of songs for the playlist and (if applicable) how do they relate to you? 

Generally they’re songs that make us happy. We tried not to think too much about our choices and just put on what we think of as fun music.

5. Who’s your musical icons? 

Alex: Prince

Sara: Marie Fredriksson of Roxette

6. If you could be described as any Margate landmark what would it be!?

The Walpole Bay Tidal Pool. Sometimes we’re deep but mostly shallow

7. Most memorable moment and why?

The births of our offspring

8. Tell us your First OR your worst album?

Michael Bolton, I was given my first cd player as an innocent 13 year old and I panicked in ‘Our Price’. (Alex) Europe, naturally (Sara)

9. What have you been doing to get yourself through lockdown!? Any hints and tips?

We've been doing loads of gardening and spending time with the kids. Homeschooling them has become a challenge as their knowledge at 9 and 5 has started to exceed ours. We’ve enjoyed listening back to previous albums of artists that have played at TTT. Music is the best remedy.

10. And finally, If you could be on lockdown with any 3 people who would they be? (other than who you live with now so as not to offend anyone!)

Billy Conolly for the laughs, David Byrne for a stimulating conversation and positivity and Anna Jones to cook for us.


Tune in next week for more music and get to know another Margate resident.


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